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Protecting And Restoring Your Deck

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Is the weather damaging your deck and making it look dirty? Is it changing the color? Are you considering just getting a new deck built because it seems like too much hard work to restore the worn out deck yourself? Well there’s good news! It’s not that difficult to do some restoration at all! There are now products in the market that will help you not only restore but protect your deck so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Do not fret. It is quite easy to restore your deck to its natural color. Here is some advice from the experts at Wolman Wood Care Products.

The first step is pretty simple. Clean away dirt and grey weathered wood with an acid-free, biodegradable deck cleaner, like Wolman Deck Brite. Its fast-acting foaming action loosens and lifts dirt, stains and weathered-grey discoloration in ten minutes or less. It also cleans and restores the wood to its original, like-new look without whitening or damaging the wood surface. Not too bad, eh? Ten minutes is not too bad of a time investment is it?

Step two requires a little more labor. Protect your deck against mildew attack, water damage and greying with a powerful finish and preservative, like Wolman F&P Premium Wood Finish and Preservative. It is guaranteed to repel water and protect against wood rot and decay up to four years. Wolman F&P Premium Wood Finish and Preservative is available in four one-coat, easy-to-apply finishes – golden pine, natural, cedar and redwood. With this range of shades, I’m confident it will not be difficult to find a match for your deck.

The last step and one which I’m sure you will not mind. Bring out your patio furniture and enjoy your beautiful deck. Don’t forget to fire up the barbie!

If you have any more questions, you can always visit your local hardware store and ask the in house experts for some advice.

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